The FitChat Method

You probably ended up here because you want to get fit, or at least fitter than you are today. Maybe you want to lose some weight, sleep better or start running.

The good news is that all of these goals are withing reach. The bad news is that most people give up on their fitness goals within the first 3 months.

I think I have found a solution for that problem. A method that just keeps you going. Here it is:

  • Pick a daily measurable goal. Like 10K steps, 350 active calories burned, etc ...
  • Share this goal with just one friend & ask them to reciprocate with their own goal.
  • Every day, report on your progress in your favorite chat app. FB Messenger, iMessages, whatever works for both of you.
  • Once a week have a short phone call or video chat to review the week & adjust your goals.

That's it. Simple.  I've personally used this method to reach the following goals:

  • I lost 5Kg & didn't gain them again. (Daily Metric: measure weight with Withings Smart Body Analyser every day)
  • I changed my sleeping habits to wake up before 06.00AM. (Daily Metric: wake up before 06.00AM)
  • I became more productive by counting daily work sessions (Daily Metric: 12x 25-minute session per day)

Why does it work? I kinda stumbled onto this method myself, but here's my take on why I think it works:

Daily metrics that are measured & reported automatically work best. A daily metric forces you to think small & using wearable tech like Apple Watch or FitBit means you can't cheat.

Accountability works better if it's reciprocated. You don't need to work on the same goals, but it's great to have an accountability partner with skin in the game.

One-on-one accountability works best: you're trying to change a habit so this means you are going to fail initially. Announcing grand goals publicly tends to work initially but setting private goals with people you respect tends to work better in the long run.

The weekly face-to-face evaluation tends to spur you on. You simply don't want to face your partner & disappoint.

Chat. There's just something about chat that makes it all very personal & encouraging. If you're in a funk your accountability partner is right there in your pocket, a tap away.

I'm building FitChat to help you apply this method in your life.