What's a FitChat Bot? You can think of a bot as a small app that runs on your phone & joins the conversation between yourself and your accountability chat partner. The bot's job is to automatically report certain metrics (e.g. your current body weight or the calories you burned today) & give health recommendations. Your coach or accountability partner can easily create a bot to offer you a more personalised coaching experience.

What can a bot do? 

  • Observe your sleeping patterns & alert your coach if you're not been getting enough sleep.
  • Remind you to weigh yourself every day as part of a diet coaching session.
  • Count your steps & warn your coach when it looks like you're not going to hit your daily goal.
  • Deliver a 7-day program of fitness exercises tailored by your personal trainer.
  • Offer encouragement & daily tips related to a topic pre-defined by your coach.
  • Make sure you stand up regularly & tell your coach if you've been acting like a couch potato lately.
  • Report your active calories burned in early afternoon to your coach so they can give you some ideas on how to increase your burn & reach your daily goal.
  • Send a summary of your last workout session to your personal trainer.
  • Help you track the number of hours you worked today & share that with a life coach or other accountability partner.
  • Remind you to measure your blood pressure or heart rate every day at the same time.

Who can make bots?

Fitness trainers, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Life Coaches, Friends. FitChat is working with professionals in the field to define a simple set of bot actions that can be combined by anyone to create smarter bots. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.