You want to reach your fitness & productivity goals. But How?

Enter FitChat: accountability chat for friends.

How does it work? You share your daily progress with a friend in private chat.

Your friend responds to your progress, encourages you & keeps you accountable.

You reach your goals because you know your friend is watching you.



Get Healthy: share your daily health progress with a friend. e.g. steps, distance walked, ...

Lose Weight: have your met your calorie burn today? Your friend knows & keeps you on track.

Be Productive: did you reach your work hour goal today? FitChat can share it for you!


Share data from most popular fitness trackers & apps with your friend in a private chat.

One-on-one chat based on facts means it's hard to cheat: your friend knows.

It's just chat: you already know how to use it & it has all the usual stuff you expect.