Custom Habit Coaching


Custom Habit Coaching

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I can tailor the chat habits coaching program to fit your organisation's needs. We'll do a 30 minute Skype call to discuss how to make it work best for your organisation.

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Who am I?

I'm Francis, an athlete, entrepreneur & software developer based in Belgium. Over the past 5 years I have researched the best ways to teach people how to form healthy new habits. I'm a certified climbing instructor & I have mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs: I know how to inspire people. I'm also a certified coach in Dr. BJ Fogg's habit change model as taught at Stanford University

How does it work?

  1. DAILY EMAIL. In week one you will receive a daily email with instructions & tips on how to create new healthy habits. After week one I will occasionally send an email with further tips but not as frequently as in week 1.

  2. DAILY CHAT. I will check in with you every day via chat to keep you accountable, encourage you & make sure you are applying the Chat Habit method correctly. I can chat with you on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat & FitChat.

  3. ACCOUNTABILITY. I'm there to encourage you, give you tips & keep you accountable. This means we'll celebrate when you're doing well but rest assured: I WILL kick your ass if you don't.

  4. SKYPE. Every month we will have a Skype call to evaluate your progress & define new goals/habits.

Why does it work?

The Chat Habit method is based on research done by Dr. BJ Fogg at Stanford University. The Fogg behavioural model represents the current state-of-the-art of what we know about how habit change in humans works. Most popular habit change methods rely on motivation, but scientific evidence clearly shows that while motivation can help you get started it typically effects no long-term habit change.

Will it help me quit smoking/drinking/etc ... ?

No. The Chat Habit method will teach you form new healthy habits, NOT drop bad habits. Dropping bad habits & learning new habits are two totally different skills. I know how to create new habits but I'm not qualified to help you drop bad habits. All I can suggest is to gradually add good healthy habits to your life to diminish the impact of bad habits.